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4 Tips on How to Measure Event Success from a PR perspective

1 August 2014

We all know that tradeshows and industry events are a large part of any company’s annual budget. They consume many internal resources, engage numerous external firms and yet, many still wonder what they contribute to the company’s bottom line.

By integrating measurement and KPI reporting from the outset, you can help show the value these events have on your firm.

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Cognito Analytics Webinar Invitation Data driven communications for 2014: Using information to drive smarter PR campaigns

7 November 2013

This fall, Cognito brought together some of the industry’s most innovative and data-savvy marketers to provide insights in to how financial services companies are currently using big data to help drive their business forward and influence the bottom line.

Our panel included Tom Coombes, CEO, Cognito; Michael Leinweber, Head of Digital Marketing, Americas, Schroders Investments and Mike Marinello, Head of Global Communications, Bloomberg Financial Products and Services.

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Cognito Analytics Webinar Invitation Data driven communications for 2014: Using information to drive smarter PR campaigns

8 October 2013

As communications professionals, you have access to hundreds of data points a year, but how do you use that data to inform your future communications strategies?

Cognito's upcoming webinar will provide insights in to how the most forward thinking CMOs and CCOs in finance are leveraging data to better support their teams, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Watch the latest from Cognito Analytics Opportunities

10 September 2013

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Cognito Analytics Launches First Customized Editorial Calendar Service for Financial Services

31 July 2013

Opportunities is the first editorial calendar service created by and exclusively for financial communications professionals.Cognito staff continuously analyze and cull features calendars from more than 100 key financial publications from North America, Europe and Asia. The data is tagged and searchable different search criteria, including target market, publication and industry.

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Cognito Analytics Introduces Social Public Relations Platform for Financial Services

24 June 2013

Cognito Analytics, today announced the release of Comtela, a social PR platform that allows financial services companies to find, follow and interact with journalists on Twitter.

Comtela helps users:
· Find and follow relevant media
· Track and engage relevant conversations
· Build and benchmark their Twitter following

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Come back AVE, all is forgiven

16 April 2013

In a recent issue of PR Week, Cognito and Cognito Analytics’ CEO Tom Coombes, gave his insight on AVE’s, measurement and the on-going quest for the ultimate metric that links PR to sales.

“At a time when a lot of industries are under budgetary pressure, the PR sector needs consensus on how to measure its worth. And it needs it soon."

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Social Media: 1, Regulators: 1

3 April 2013

Yesterday the Securities and Exchange Commission gave companies permission to announce key information on social media channels. Investors must be told which sites the company will use, but overall this is a victory in the battle of social media vs. regulators.

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How fast is Twitter growing in financial services?

5 March 2013

Using Twitter in financial services is becoming not-so-rare of a phenomenon as it was in previous years. Companies are beginning to embrace Twitter and other social channels more and more, but the group that was first to tackle these channels were the influencers

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Objective Setting: The Lost Art

23 January 2013

Before we as PR professionals begin any program or campaign, it’s imperative that we set goals and objectives to guide the strategy and more importantly, measure our results. Setting objectives can be a daunting task, but it is a necessary evil that must be done.

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