Cognito Analytics offers a suite of online products that enables firms in the financial sector to improve their business through more effective use of market, media and competitive intelligence.


Analytics is a highly targeted, accurate and reliable service for companies in the financial sector to track and improve their media profile. Using information from the most important and relevant sources, Analytics shows you the level and quality of your media coverage, the impact of your news and messaging, where you are appearing and what is being said about you.

Once you have a clear picture of your media profile, you can start to implement more effective PR and communications programs.



Focused exclusively on the financial industry, Cognito Analytics Opportunities offers a comprehensive and intuitive database of relevant media opportunities to help you become part of the conversation.

We track over 100 key financial media and curate their editorial calendars so you never have to find, tag or miss another opportunity again. Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully searchable and with smart workflow functionality and daily updates and alerts, Cognito Analytics Opportunities is now available for you.



The Audit functionality of Cognito Analytics allows you to gain a true picture of your position and public profile. Covering both traditional and social media, Audit tracks the timing and positioning of your media coverage, and compares performance against your competitors.

Audit gives you real time insight into how your public relations activities are performing, and ensures you are targeting the market with accurate and compelling messaging.

Audit informs future marketing strategies – enabling you to better leverage your budget and resources.


Comtela enables you to measure and improve your social influence.

Journalists now use Twitter as a primary source of information gathering and market engagement. Are you on their radar?

Leveraging Cognito Analytics’ extensive financial journalist database, Comtela helps you to identify, track and engage the right media.


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